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Tips for Choosing a Good Tradesman


Why the cheapest tradesman is not always the best

Generally in any trade or related construction work, the cheapest available tradesman is often cheap for a reason. He either doesn’t know what he is doing (therefore misquotes) or he is not equipped to do the job in hand and is often cutting corners or doing the job incorrectly. As a result the customer will often have future comebacks costing time and money to rectify poor workmanship. Of course the cheapest quote may not always be bad.

So how do you find the right tradesman for the job?

Look for guarantees on work
If the tradesman works to a high standard he will be confident enough to give a guarantee on workmanship.

Ask to see pictures of any work completed by the tradesman
Tradesmen that work to a high standard should be proud to show you pictures of their finished jobs.

Assess the professionalism and politeness of the tradesman
If the tradesman is unprofessional than this normally reflects on the work he produces. Furthermore, if the tradesman is unfriendly, than it would be an unpleasant experience if a problem with his work arises.


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